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Antalya: Ruins of Termessos

Posted on 16 October 2015 by Dreidel Regala


Week 9


The ruins of Termessos is probably one of my favorite among the many in Turkey. For one it’s very much a ruin – nothing has been restored (or at least nothing looks to be). And second the view is fantastic! Although it is set on top of a mountain outside the city of Antalya, spending half day is enough to see the ancient city.

“Sorry we don’t have a schedule for Termessos tomorrow”

Sweaty and a little frustrated I walk out the 3rd door with still nothing on hand. This is the problem with traveling solo, if you want to go on a tour you’re dependent on someone else’s schedule. If there’s none you have to wait out. Of course there is the option to take public buses but I wasn’t excited about the idea of waiting in the middle of the highway. Thankfully though on my forth try I met a tour-agent-slash-cool-DJ who offered to take me there on his motorbike at a cheaper price!


How to get there?

  • Sign up for a tour. For convenience this is the best option cause you have a guide and transportation. The latter is probably what you’ll really want cause there is no direct public transport that goes to Termessos. In August 2015 the tours I found start from 55 euros.
  • Hire a taxi. There were lots of hire taxi I saw around Kaleici and they go to almost anywhere like Aspendos, Perge, etc. For Termessos, if I remember it correct it was 60 euros back and forth. This should be a good option if traveling with a group.
  • Take the bus. Again there is no direct transport to Termessos so taking the bus will mean getting off in the highway and either taking a really long walk or hiring a taxi to get to the park gate.

How much is the entrance fee?

5 lira.

What to wear?

It’s not really a difficult trek but it can be tricky sometimes especially with those big rocks in the way so a good walking shoes is recommended.


What to bring?

You’ll want to have water for the half hour trek up especially during the summer heat.

What to see?

Lots of ruins. From the Agora to cisterns to the Theater. Plus there is a good view of Antalya if you climb further out.























What happened here?

I guess it is mostly known as that city which Alexander the Great failed to conquer because of its geography.

Is it worth a visit?

My vote – YES. It’s not always you see something like this on top of a mountain. And also it feels more authentic because there are not much visitors in the site.

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  1. Karla Says:

    Hi there!

    I’m curious… How were you able to fund your trip? I read that this is your week 9. And how about your work? Do you have a regular job or is blogging your main source of income (if there is any)? Please share. Thanks!

  2. Dreidel Regala Says:

    Hey Karla,
    Glad you asked. The fund came from around two years of saving. It wasn’t a lot but for a budget traveler it’s good enough.

    At the moment I have no source of income because when I left Manila I had to leave my job too so I’m afraid I’m not a good source of info for that but I read about those topics online.

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