Week 1

Beijing, The Great Wall

“Walk up to the highest point tower 23 for a nice view”

She tells us this as we drive on a sunny Friday morning to the Mutianyu section of the wall. What we didn’t know was that from tower 14 where the cable car ends it was going to be a test of legs to tower 23. It took us around two hours back and forth I think. Difficult but doable.

Mutianyu Great Wall



The view was spectacular paired with blue skies.


At some point I was surprised to find empty sections considering what I’ve read about the wall getting really crowded. To be fair I did go on a weekday morning.





Walking a little further out of tower 23, the wall is crumbling a little and trees growing in which could be a sign that it’s unrestored.



Although it’s not necessary to walk all the way to tower 23, doing so is rewarding. Just bring water because the ones sold in the wall is triple the price. And there are no toilets up there so do your business before going up.