Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Loboc River cruise… we all know that these are the popular destinations in Bohol. But did you know that the longest zipline in the country can also be found in the province? Yes, bohol is the home of Danao’s suislide. And we are very fortunate to be able to experience this when we visited bohol last May. We did not know anything about it until our tour guide (Kuya Boy) constantly bragged about it and kept saying “Ang sarap.” And ofcourse we were very eager to try it out.

Before we ride

Danao is like 2 hours drive from Tagbilaran and it could get rough since some roads are not yet cemented. So if you’re driving there by yourselves better install some sturdy tires and good suspension. And also allot at atleast half of your day for this since you will be driving long plus you will pass by the Chocolate Hills at a much closer angle. Yeah closer! We got out of the car and took a lot of shots (our favorite jump shots).

The ride was fun and I will do it all over again when I get the chance. It was everything but scary. It looks like it is but once you take off all you feel is the wind on your face. You will ride it twice. One going to the opposite cliff then another on your way back.

It was around 3 PM when we ate our lunch. And Mang Fidel took us to Chicken Ati-Atihan. They have good affordable meals there plus other filipino dishes.

Danao Entrance Fee: approx 25php

Suislide: approx 300php
Kuya Boy:  09156517933