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No meat eating in Taiwan

Taipei: No meat (vegan/vegetarian) eating 

But for a select bunch of people, Taipei’s no-meat eating options is a delight. So for a day I decided to alter my food preference and see if it works for me. Take note that I’m in no way an expert in the technicalities surrounding veganism and vegetarianism so I’ll just stick to the idea of no meat eating.

Pho Bo in Bona's Chaolong

Bona’s Chaolong: Vietnamese Pho in Palawan 

Did you know Palawan was once home to many Vietnamese people? After the Vietnam war, the people of Vietnam took on the open seas until which their boats led them to the Philippine shores. They were called boat people and many of them found refuge in Palawan for some time. And that became the start of the Vietnamese food culture in the country – Chaolong.


Must-try food in The Philippines II 

Some time ago I’ve posted some Filipino must try food. But of course the list couldn’t accommodate all of them. In a country that was created to have thousands of islands with varying culture and diverse people, there will surely be a new delicacy for a stranger’s tongue.

Durian is like a custard with strong smell


A lot of the people I know hate this fruit, and while it does have an overpowering smell which can last for hours, I kinda think it tastes nice. That may sound weird but for me the custard like texture and sweet taste of the…