Category: Shorts


Short Story: 2:45 At The Hostel 

It’s 2:45 when I peek at the clock. I’ve been watching it for 13 minutes, not really needing to set it anymore because my body is already familiar with this sequence but I still do anyway. I let the soft alarm went off for 3 seconds then I press dismiss. I listen a few more seconds waiting for signs anyone is awake but all I hear is a soft hum from I don’t know where so I move the sheets aside and make my way down, the bed squeaking a bit.


Short: Jackets 

Roy forgot to breathe for two seconds as he took in the eyes that were slicing him in half. He’s finally got the answer he’s been looking for but now he’s got a different question. Do you want to go on a long vacation in a remote island in Asia Jaime, he said without a blink.


Short: Luisa 

Two things were obvious after Eric found the girl’s Facebook profile. First is that she’s big on travelling. And second, her last post was 8 days ago. 8 days ago, that’s 5 days before she checked in said George of the reception. How can she not be posting when people nowadays upload their every move? Now he may have to dig a little deeper. He doesn’t really have to but he’s just too curious to know.