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Whystopover - How to hack shyness

How to Hack Shyness While Traveling Solo 

Social butterfly? Who is that, you wonder. Certainly not you. First of all, you’d never imagine yourself walking in a room full of international people and just waltz yourself from conversation to conversation. There’s just too much about a person looking your way that makes you cringe under a blanket. And more importantly, that’s a lot of energy you’d rather spend on a good book.

Argentinian visa
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Getting an Argentinian visa in Valparaiso 

Just like the Chilean visa, I also didn’t have an Argentinian visa before leaving the Philippines because to be honest I didn’t plan on including it in my limited time in Latin America. But of course plans change a lot on the road. When my friend and I were figuring out how to get to Patagonia, the name Argentina kept on popping up along the way. It was not possible to travel in Chile by land to Patagonia without crossing the border (flying is okay). So in the end I tried to get one while I was still in Valparaiso, Chile.

Chilean visa
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Getting a Chilean visa in Arequipa 

When I left the Philippines some months ago I didn’t have a Chilean visa. I know I wanted to see Patagonia but since I was traveling for awhile and I was flying to South America far into the future I couldn’t apply yet. Thankfully I read about Kach Medina’s post about how she got hers in Peru. She was right and it turns out much easier than applying in the Philippines.

Solo travel in Batanes

How to Prepare for Solo Travel 

You probably heard of some people who traveled alone and probably told yourself you could never be as brave as they are. But did you know that once upon a time they all felt how you feel now? The idea of solo travel did not come easy to me as well. Like everybody else, I had apprehensions in the beginning.

Boatmen looking ahead

Sea sickness and how to remedy it 

Sea sickness is a common problem for a lot of people. The constant rocking of the boat renders an unwelcomed headache and eventually nausea to the vulnerable subject. Usually we hear advises to take motion sickness medicines but I prefer to not take any of these drugs.