When I left the Philippines some months ago I didn’t have a Chilean visa. I know I wanted to see Patagonia but since I was traveling for awhile and I was flying to South America far into the future I couldn’t apply yet. Thankfully I read about Kach Medina’s post about how she got hers in Peru. She was right and it turns out to be much easier than applying in the Philippines.

Most of what she said is still the same but I had to give two other paperwork. In summary I gave this:

  1. Passport
  2. $60 (multiple entry)
  3. Proof of fund (print out from my online banking account)
  4. Hotel reservation (print out from booking.com)

Since I didn’t know about #3 and #4 I walked back to the hostel, booked stuff, printed them, and then walked back to the consulate. I had to do this the same day since I was trekking Colca Canyon next morning and will be gone a few days. To my surprise it was a lady behind the desk that time around so I had to restart the best Spanish conversation I could come up (everything else we were typing on google translate). She didn’t ask me for #3 and #4 so of course I didn’t initiate thinking I got away with that one. But I did have to sit down there a long time while she alternated between typing the application and greeting visitors. By the time she finished I was already standing behind her dictating what to type. She was so nice and even told me my Spanish was good but honestly most of the words just sounded Filipino to me.

I did have to give #3 and #4 though when I went back because the man remembered me.

Tip: Ask for the 90 day visa because Chile is long you need the time. Ask also for a multiple entry especially if you’re doing Patagonia. Technically you can do it without going outside of Chile but it is quite common to go back and forth Chile and Argentina in the south.

I do recommend this rather than applying in the Philippines because the paperwork is less. Plus you can get the 90 days multiple entry.


Consulado Honorario de Chile is in #212 Calle Mercaderes. On the right from Plaza de Armas in front of Interbank.