Just like the Chilean visa, I also didn’t have an Argentinian visa before leaving the Philippines because to be honest I didn’t plan on including it in my limited time in Latin America. But of course plans change a lot on the road.

When my friend and I were figuring out how to get to Patagonia, the name Argentina kept on popping up along the way. It was not possible to travel in Chile by land to Patagonia without crossing the border (flying is okay). So in the end I tried to get one while I was still in Valparaiso, Chile.

I had the following paperwork as was stated in the Argentinian Consulate website:

  1. Passport photo
  2. Bank statement (print out from my online bank account)
  3. Flight ticket (print out of my unpaid reservation from gomosafer.com)
  4. Hotel reservation (print out from booking.com)
  5. 35,000 Chilenos

When I walked in the door I was greeted by a friendly “Hola! Buen dia” by the man behind the barrier. Told him I wanted a tourist visa to see Patagonia and probably repeated that a few more times with my biggest smile possible. Yes I played the eager tourist card because I didn’t want to be told I could only get it in the Philippines. Thankfully they accepted and granted me one.

Some points of concern:

  • Credit card statement. I told them that I don’t have this at the moment and redirected them again to the bank statement. In the end they just asked if I have a credit card and if they could photocopy it. Recipe for card fraud but thought oh well.
  • Ticket going to Argentina. I didn’t realize this was important so this was my mistake but I told them I was crossing by land (bus) from Chile so I could only buy it then. Eventually they agreed to confer with their superior which they told me after a day of waiting that it was okay.
  • Number of days. This is entirely dependent on the paperwork so make the bookings long if you want to stay long in Argentina. Conversely it is possible to extend the visa when inside Argentina (see Extending your Argentinian Visa section below).
  • Multiple entry. Like the Chilean visa it is best to have a multiple entry visa so you can freely cross borders which most likely you’ll be doing a lot.

While now I found out that Argentina is crazy expensive, overall I’m happy that I got to see the end of the world, some penguins, Perito Moreno glacier, and Los Glaciares.


Consulado General de la Republica Argentina is in #625 Calle Blanco Valparaiso, Chile near Plaza Sotomayor.


Extending your Argentinian Visa

If you found yourself in love with Argentina and thus causing your visa to run out, well good news, you can extend it. Just head over to the Argentinian Immigration (there is one in Buenos Aires) and bring your passport and $600 cash. They’ll double your current visa, give you a document about it, then return your passport same day.

Direccion Nacional de Migraciones is in Avenida Antártida. Nearest subway is in Retiro station.