A few months ago I was in Turkey, a country full of history, diverse culture, and varying landscape. I would for sure tell anyone to go see it even though I’ve only just saw a small part of it. But for Filipinos this would also mean going through the trouble of applying for a visa because yes we do need a visa to enter Turkey.

Last time I checked a sticker visa requires a whole bunch of paperwork and around two weeks waiting time. And that will only result in a 15-day visa.

So how did I get to stay in Turkey for almost a month legally? Thank you e-visa.

UPDATE (29th July 2017)

I just recently learned that the supporting document is now cut to the following: Schengen, UK, USA, and Ireland. Sad news but at least we’re not excluded.

In a gist the e-visa means us Filipinos can stay in Turkey for 30 days provided that we have a supporting document (i.e. a valid OECD or Schengen visa – please see update above). I didn’t have this but I realized it was easier to secure one rather than the traditional Turkish sticker visa so I went to the one that gives out the fastest – in my case it was Japan.

When I got my Japanese visa (after 2 days) I then completed the rest of the checklist for the Turkish e-visa which was easy enough. Although they didn’t check my paperwork when I entered Turkey, technically they will so better have all of it on hand.

In summary…

  1. Secure a supporting document. If you’ve traveled to Japan before I suggest to get a visa from them because it’s easier the second time around.
  2. Complete the e-visa checklist. Make sure to get them all and at the ready when you enter the territory.
  3. Pay and print the e-visa.

Turkish e-visa

If all goes well then you have 30 days to see Turkey, congratulations!

Oh just to add, I didn’t get a chance to use my Japan visa but if I did the e-visa would still work.