Moscow metro

Week 4


“Want to check out the metro?”

“Yea sure we can probably do a few stops then walk around this area..” she said pointing to several pages of printed Moscow write ups in the table.

“Okay I’m gonna list the possible stops.”

The common room was filled with what I suspect as Muscovite students. And while we map out our stops I can’t help but think how awesome it is for them to be commuting in this city everyday and see the underground gems.


Kievskaya station (brown)

Kievskaya station 20150720_144327-1 Kievskaya station

Belorusskaya station (brown)

20150720_145312-1 20150720_145355-1 Belorusskaya station

Novoslobodskaya station (brown)

20150720_145804-1 Novoslobodskaya station

Prospekt Mira station (brown)

20150720_150302-1 20150720_150349-1 Prospekt Mira station

Mayakovskaya station (green)

20150720_151756-1 Mayakovskaya station


“Come on let’s go out!”

We ended up stopping a few more metro stations than planned cause yes they were that interesting. If only I had time I’d see them all.