Anilao in kayak 

but when you’re done diving and wanna relax then kayaking is for you. With the laid back feel of Anilao, boating around is more than nice. You lay in the middle of the water with the nice view of hills and mountains and with the cool breeze keeping you company.

Random Thoughts

We are your favorite band! 

Music is an art of life. Everybody loves their own cult genres. We sing out songs, hum to tunes, bob our heads, and dance to party. But what’s more exciting is having the creator of it sing right in front of you. Remember that twitter account @concertweirdos? Ackk it’s like everything he says speaks to me! I cringe when my favorite bands are playing nearby.


Urbiztondo beach surfing 

Urbiztondo beach. That is the place where surfers head to in Northern Philippines. And if you are one of them I’m sure you won’t mind the 6-7 hours ride from the capital Manila. I went here during the Surf and Music Fest this year. Place…