Taipei: No meat (vegan/vegetarian) eating 

But for a select bunch of people, Taipei’s no-meat eating options is a delight. So for a day I decided to alter my food preference and see if it works for me. Take note that I’m in no way an expert in the technicalities surrounding veganism and vegetarianism so I’ll just stick to the idea of no meat eating.


Patagonia: El Chalten 

Oh we love El Chalten. You can do day hikes and there’s no park fee and Fitz Roy is beautiful. When somebody tells you this with excitement in their voice and sparkle in their eyes, and you still do otherwise, there must be something wrong with you right? I know this because once upon a time I decided to ignore the sparkle in somebody’s eyes.


Transsiberian: Where to stop along the way 

While the main (and probably longest at approximately 7 days) transsiberian route runs from Moscow to Vladivostok, there are other branching routes which goes through China and Mongolia. I would say doing the whole Moscow-Vladivostok vv train is quite extraordinary but I’ll probably be train exhausted in the other end. So the tolerable version is to make stops along the way and enjoy some scenery.


Chile: The Atacama 

The Atacama Desert. To some, it’s the driest place on earth. To others, a stargazer’s junction. To me, it’s Mars. It looks so much like it! Not that I’ve been to Mars already. But my imagination has and I think Mars is a perfect description to Atacama Desert.