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Getting an Argentinian visa in Valparaiso 

Just like the Chilean visa, I also didn’t have an Argentinian visa before leaving the Philippines because to be honest I didn’t plan on including it in my limited time in Latin America. But of course plans change a lot on the road. When my friend and I were figuring out how to get to Patagonia, the name Argentina kept on popping up along the way. It was not possible to travel in Chile by land to Patagonia without crossing the border (flying is okay). So in the end I tried to get one while I was still in Valparaiso, Chile.

Tips, Travel

Getting a Chilean visa in Arequipa 

When I left the Philippines some months ago I didn’t have a Chilean visa. I know I wanted to see Patagonia but since I was traveling for awhile and I was flying to South America far into the future I couldn’t apply yet. Thankfully I read about Kach Medina’s post about how she got hers in Peru. She was right and it turns out much easier than applying in the Philippines.


Short: Luisa 

Two things were obvious after Eric found the girl’s Facebook profile. First is that she’s big on travelling. And second, her last post was 8 days ago. 8 days ago, that’s 5 days before she checked in said George of the reception. How can she not be posting when people nowadays upload their every move? Now he may have to dig a little deeper. He doesn’t really have to but he’s just too curious to know.