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Romania: Maramures valley

Posted on 12 September 2015 by Dreidel Regala


Week 5


“Okay this is your bed”

“Oh my gaad you’re here!” I squealed to the sleepyhead who squinted at us from the bottom bunk when we entered the room.

Maramures. Way up north in the Romanian territory, bordering Ukraina, and is part of the Carpathians. When Romanians tell you to go there, you go there. And that’s why I find myself wandering in this cultural region. The sleepyhead above is a friend I met in Brasov who I was convincing nonstop to go meet me there. Thankfully she did.


Wooden houses

While Transylvania’s got castles, Maramures has the wooden houses. We went to an open air village museum in Sighetu Marmatiei and was rewarded with a glimpse of the past. I’m not sure though if they’re original cause they look old-new.







Barsana monastery

A visit to Barsana monastery on a sunday will not only mean seeing the wooden church and the colorful flowers but also witnessing Romanians dress up in traditional clothes. It’s awesome and they’re so beautiful! We met some of them who came from the city and are just in town for the holidays all dressed up for sunday.







No horror story here, I just like Romanian cemetaries. They’re so interesting to look at. We went to the one in Salistea de Sus but there is a more popular place in the north called Merry Cemetery.







Romanians in general are very friendly but I’ll give extra to the ones in the north. When my friend and I was walking around Salistea de Sus we had so many interactions with them and we don’t even have a common language. We sit on a bench and the next thing we know we’re sharing laughs with a nice granma. We stand beside the road and then we’re fed cookies by an old couple and their lady neighbor. We wait in the bus stop and then it was like everybody wants to get to know the Korean and Filipina in town. I love them and their fedoras!



Maramures is nice but one thing to note is that public transport is rare so going around is either hiring a taxi or hitchhiking which is quite common. We did this twice and one asked to be paid, it’s normal though.

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