While Russia in general looks so serious, the architecture is probably one of the most playful that I’ve seen. Here’s a photo story of my short trip there. From the excited dinner in Cafe Pushkin after the four day transsiberian, to the subway sight seeing, then the free Moscow tour, Red Square, Kremlin, moving on to Saint Petersburg, St. Isaac Cathedral, and Winter Palace.


RussiaThe metro escalators in Russia go for a long while.

Cafe Pushkin’s got quite a backstory but it’s totally okay if you don’t know him, you can still eat fancy there.

We were probably the youngest ones out there on our casual clothing but they treated our international table well.

 Moscow river at night with occasional tourist cruise passing by.

Free walking tour in Moscow! If you decide to join, do sign up here though I’m not sure if there’s really ever a limit.


The guide will tell you about Stolovaya No. 57 in GUM. If you can wait in line, get your food there. Price is cheaper than most in Moscow.RussiaRussia

Saint Petersburg

Russia This is a bookstore – Dom Knigi, in a beautiful building called Singer House.

Russia Take note there’s a free day for the Hermitage museum – 1st Thursday of each month.