Did you know that the surfer’s favorite Siargao isn’t only a paradise for wave riders?

The island found in the province of Surigao del Norte, Philippines is also home to beautiful sceneries perfect for a day off from chasing swells. Think clean torquoise waters, cream fine sand, wide quiet shoreline, delicious grilled mahi mahi, and fantastic sun. Sounds like a page from the great book of amazing places right? Well that’s exactly how Daku island in Siargao is – divine.

Approaching Daku Island


Docking the boat

Boy setting the boat's anchor

Like the moment you take a bite out of your favorite sandwich, everything was deliciously as expected and undoubtedly fulfilling. I had to quietly take a moment, look around, enjoy then walk towards our cottage with a big THIS IS NICE YAH! look in my face.

Left side of Dako Island
Very wide beach

Girls enjoying the view
Enjoy uncrowded view for your pictures

Although the beach isn’t that very long, the width makes up for it so you can have your own space for your whatevers like lying on the soft sand as these guys!

Getting tanned
Getting tanned

Doze off in the soft sand
Doze off in the soft sand

But if you want roof you can always rent a cottage. There’s one for both short and overnight stays.

UPDATE 2/6/2018: I’m afraid overnight cottages are no longer available for rent according to a friend I talked to recently. If you want to stay the night in the island consider a local homestay.

Open air cottages for day trippers
Open air cottages for day trippers

Overnight cottages
Overnight cottages

How about eating by the beach? No problem. With windsor at westside rentals, it is simple, just buy your ingredients from the General Luna market then bring them over to the island and have it cooked for a fee. Barbecued chicken. Grilled Mahi Mahi. Oh have to try that Mahi Mahi!

Ask the store there to cook your lunch
Ask the store there to cook your food

Getting ready for lunch

After eating, just repeat whatever you did. Swim, nap, play, eat. And that’s your afternoon cycle!

Shores of Daku Island

Front view

For surfers, there’s a nearby surf spot (cause there’s always one in Siargao!) just ask your guide.


How to get there?

Join an island hopping tour or rent a boat for the day. Most hotels have it.

How much is the boat fee?

Ranges from Php1,200 – 2,000. Split this among joiners.

How far is the island?

Around 20 minutes from General Luna.

How much are the cottages?

Short stay: Php200; Overnight: Php700 (Rates may change)

How much is the cooking fee?

Starts at Php250.