Matanjak Guest House

Matanjak Guest House is located in General Luna, Siargao. It’s between the famed Cloud 9 and the General Luna town.

As soon as I walked in Matanjak’s yard, I immediately felt the friendly vibe. “Lunch tayo!”, a few people were gathered in the open kitchen feasting on Tuna and Kinilaw on their hands. Normally I would shy away but my stomach has been growling ever since I got to the small plane bound for the island. So I took a huge chunk of Tuna for my appetite’s delight. Oh it was so good!

This is going to be good.

View of Buddha Surf Resort in the balcony
View of Buddha Surf Resort in the balcony
Minimalist interior
Minimalist interior

There are 5 rooms in Matanjak. Each one having a balcony or a terrace which I thought was amazing. At P800, I never had a balcony before ha! P800 a night may be a bit high for a solo budget traveler but Matanjak is actually one of the few places (if not the only place) with this price. And since there is a kitchen, guests can cook to keep expenses at the minimum. Incidentally, this kitchen is also a great venue to meet new people. From guests of Matanjak to local friends of Matanjak.

UPDATE 10/3/2017: New rate of Matanjak Guest House is 1,300 pesos per room per night (max 2 persons) and they are now with air conditioning! Nice!

They come in everyday! Nice!

Matanjak common kitchen
Matanjak common kitchen in the middle

The owner Bunsoy, who surfs Siargao’s waves with a paddle board – UNLEASHED, is one of the nicest people you’ll meet in Siargao. He’s a traveler too so he enjoys meeting other travelers and very much knows what his visitors are looking for. “Parang nag-ta-travel na ren ako” referring to the people who stays in Matanjak.

Meeting their family is also like getting the whole package. His brother owns the adjacent resort La Luna which serves good food while his tatay owns a boat perfect for island day outs. For surfers, you can rent boards in Bunsoy’s shop or maybe ask one of his brothers to teach you. Good people I tell you!

By the way, from the airport it’s best to take a van going to Matanjak since General Luna is almost an hour from the airport. Vans cost P300.


The name Matanjak is derived from the surf spot in front of the guest house. It can be seen by walking (1 minute) towards the beach.