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Pho Bo in Bona's Chaolong

Bona’s Chaolong: Vietnamese Pho in Palawan 

Did you know Palawan was once home to many Vietnamese people? After the Vietnam war, the people of Vietnam took on the open seas until which their boats led them to the Philippine shores. They were called boat people and many of them found refuge in Palawan for some time. And that became the start of the Vietnamese food culture in the country – Chaolong.

El Nido town

10 impressions on El Nido town 

When visiting El Nido, staying in the town is the more obvious choice. There are of course options in staying somewhere else like in the neighboring town of Corong-Corong for a more relaxed setting or if you are fancy go to Miniloc or Lagen islands. On my short visit on this somewhat isolated place, I chose to stay in El Nido town and here are my impressions.