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Rolling hills

Batanes: The island of Batan 

Batan island is usually the base of most travelers. Here your plane will land in the capital Basco where most establishments are found. When I first saw Batan island from aboard a plane I was leaning my face hard on the windows in excitement. The aerial view is a good start in seeing the hilly lands of Batanes.


Must-try food in The Philippines II 

Some time ago I’ve posted some Filipino must try food. But of course the list couldn’t accommodate all of them. In a country that was created to have thousands of islands with varying culture and diverse people, there will surely be a new delicacy for a stranger’s tongue.

kayaking in Anilao

Anilao in kayak 

but when you’re done diving and wanna relax then kayaking is for you. With the laid back feel of Anilao, boating around is more than nice. You lay in the middle of the water with the nice view of hills and mountains and with the cool breeze keeping you company.