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Russia: After the transsiberian (photo story) 

While Russians look so serious, the architecture is probably one of the most playful that I’ve seen. Here’s a photo story of my short trip there. From the excited dinner in Cafe Pushkin after the four day transsiberian, to the subway sight seeing, then the free Moscow tour, Red Square, Kremlin, moving on to Saint Petersburg, St. Isaac Cathedral, and Winter Palace.


Transsiberian: Where to stop along the way 

While the main (and probably longest at approximately 7 days) transsiberian route runs from Moscow to Vladivostok, there are other branching routes which goes through China and Mongolia. I would say doing the whole Moscow-Vladivostok vv train is quite extraordinary but I’ll probably be train exhausted in the other end. So the tolerable version is to make stops along the way and enjoy some scenery.