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Whystopover - How to hack shyness

How to Hack Shyness While Traveling Solo 

Social butterfly? Who is that, you wonder. Certainly not you. First of all, you’d never imagine yourself walking in a room full of international people and just waltz yourself from conversation to conversation. There’s just too much about a person looking your way that makes you cringe under a blanket. And more importantly, that’s a lot of energy you’d rather spend on a good book.


Russia: After the transsiberian (photo story) 

While Russians look so serious, the architecture is probably one of the most playful that I’ve seen. Here’s a photo story of my short trip there. From the excited dinner in Cafe Pushkin after the four day transsiberian, to the subway sight seeing, then the free Moscow tour, Red Square, Kremlin, moving on to Saint Petersburg, St. Isaac Cathedral, and Winter Palace.


Arica: Lauca National Park 

If you find yourself in the northernmost part of Chile – Arica – and you have the time then I suggest to go see Lauca National Park. It’s quite interesting to find communities in the altiplano where it’s cold, dry, high, and surrounded by volcanoes. But it’s beautiful especially Chungara Lake.

Beijing China: Mutianyu Great Wall

Beijing: Mutianyu Great Wall 

Beijing, The Great Wall. Walk up to the highest point tower 23 for a nice view. She tells us this as we drive on a sunny Friday morning to the Mutianyu section of the wall. What we didn’t know was that from tower 14 it was going to be a test of strength to tower 23. It took us around two hours back and forth I think. Difficult but doable.

Li River

Li River 

Some time ago I came across a picture of the karst rocks of the Li River on the internet. The picture was so dramatic with reflections off of the very still water and a fisherman in his boat. It had me.