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El Nido town

10 impressions on El Nido town 

When visiting El Nido, staying in the town is the more obvious choice. There are of course options in staying somewhere else like in the neighboring town of Corong-Corong for a more relaxed setting or if you are fancy go to Miniloc or Lagen islands. On my short visit on this somewhat isolated place, I chose to stay in El Nido town and here are my impressions.

Graffiti artist in Jogjakarta

Jogjakarta and its street art 

From the moment I and my friend got out of the airport I immediately felt the more relaxed vibe of the city compared to the more popular Bali. Jogjakarta (also known as Yogyakarta) is found in the Java island of Indonesia and is home to the Buddhist temple Borobudur.

kayaking in Anilao

Anilao in kayak 

but when you’re done diving and wanna relax then kayaking is for you. With the laid back feel of Anilao, boating around is more than nice. You lay in the middle of the water with the nice view of hills and mountains and with the cool breeze keeping you company.