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Sun is setting on Urbiztondo beach

Urbiztondo beach surfing 

Urbiztondo beach. That is the place where surfers head to in Northern Philippines. And if you are one of them I’m sure you won’t mind the 6-7 hours ride from the capital Manila. I went here during the Surf and Music Fest this year. Place…

Island Nook in Boracay

Boracay hotel: Island Nook 

Anybody looking for a decent Boracay hotel? I’ve visited the island a couple of weeks ago and I’m happy to have this new find. It’s not a fancy place but I liked that I can still have a clean fragrant private room at a decent rate. Name – Island Nook.

Boracay sunset
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Getting to Boracay 

One of the things I am excited about when I go to Boracay is that super soft white cool sand. I get pictures of pulvoron (wheat cake) or baby powder whenever I imagine it. The island is getting super busy nowadays though as the world…