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Road Tracks

Posted on 21 September 2011 by Dreidel Regala

Ahh boredom strikes once more and my feet are inching to get lost again but I can’t just yet. I wanna lay on sand under the sun, climb green mountains, meet interesting strangers and be amazed anew. I know holding it in will do nothing cause the urge will keep on coming. I have to go now! So I hurried to the table, turned on the audio phones, blastin’ on my head with my favorite road tracks.

With Bananarama’s I Love the Way on the background, feels like I’m on a mountain drive. The kind of tracks I used to hear on the family trip to Baguio. Soothing, chilling long winding drive up. Then pops LMFAO with a party song. Perfect! Time travel to Christmas in Boracay. I could see the gorgeous white sand beach on the laid back atmosphere. A fitting followup – Danza Kuduro! I could very much imagine lively Brazil. Everyone’s dancing on the funnest festival with awesome colors all around. Very interesting people and culture. On the way back to the hotel is One Republic’s Good Life track. Yes, indeed a picture of good life.

For a while there I was happy and satisfied. Music really can take us to places whether on the road or restrained inside. But as for me these are my best retreat to a demanding cravings to travel.

  1. Bananarama – I Love the Way
  2. LMFAO – Party Rock
  3. Don Omar – Danza Kuduro
  4. One Republic – Good Life
  5. Wiz Khalifa – Black and Yellow
  6. Linkin Park – New Divide
  7. Angels & Airwaves – Epic Holiday
  8. Angels & Airwaves – The Adventure

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Bohol Escape II

Posted on 26 August 2011 by Dreidel Regala

Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Loboc River cruise… we all know that these are the popular destinations in Bohol. But did you know that the longest zipline in the country can also be found in the province? Yes, bohol is the home of Danao’s suislide. And we are very fortunate to be able to experience this when we visited bohol last May. We did not know anything about it until our tour guide (Kuya Boy) constantly bragged about it and kept saying “Ang sarap.” And ofcourse we were very eager to try it out.

Before we ride

Danao is like 2 hours drive from Tagbilaran and it could get rough since some roads are not yet cemented. So if you’re driving there by yourselves better install some sturdy tires and good suspension. And also allot at atleast half of your day for this since you will be driving long plus you will pass by the Chocolate Hills at a much closer angle. Yeah closer! We got out of the car and took a lot of shots (our favorite jump shots).

The ride was fun and I will do it all over again when I get the chance. It was everything but scary. It looks like it is but once you take off all you feel is the wind on your face. You will ride it twice. One going to the opposite cliff then another on your way back.

It was around 3 PM when we ate our lunch. And Mang Fidel took us to Chicken Ati-Atihan. They have good affordable meals there plus other filipino dishes.

Danao Entrance Fee: approx 25php

Suislide: approx 300php
Kuya Boy:  09156517933

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Bohol Escape

Posted on 26 August 2011 by Dreidel Regala

Pack the bags. Go to sleep (or at least try). Wake up early. Then head to the airport. Atlast! We are off to Bohol. After a few days of worrying because of the rains, praise God for granting us a sunny sky. And not only that.. kudos to the new plane of zest air for giving us a safe ride. It’s an almost 1 hour fly to Bohol but that’s okay it’ll be more than an hour of fun there naman.

When we landed, our guide Mang Fidel was already waiting outside holding the name plate high. He was a bit quiet (almost only talking to deah who was sitting in front) but was kind naman.

Our first Bohol stop – Loboc River. Not just an ordinary river but a cool one with floating restaurant and entertainment on board. This was perfect since we are hungry and para dramatic ang umpisa ng tour.

Bohol's Loboc River

Bohol’s Loboc River

Singing with the Loboc River choir

Singing with the Loboc River choir

As we went on, the boat suddenly approached a floating raft where a group of local children sung. It was nice to see “bibo” kids dancing to the tune as visitors join in on the tinikling dance (mommy Fe was a natural on that one). The ride was long enough for you to enjoy the food and scenery.

Our first day was really packed. We immediately head on to the rest of the tour even before we got to the resort where we were staying. Thanks to kuya Boy and mang Fidel for making it a comfortable one. Mang Fidel was our tour guide slash driver for the day, after Loboc River he drove us to see the Chocolate Hills. Yah climax kagad ang mga napuntahan namin kaya bukas na bukas ang mga mata. It wasn’t color chocolate then but green (on dry season it turns brown thus the chocolate in its name). Funny I thought we could go up the hill but it was high pala, and far from where we were but we got a good view of it naman. By this time it was mid afternoon already and I noticed that the places were a bit far from each other. I remember my friend said that someone advised her to have a rented van when touring, and he was right it’s too much hassle when you commute. The next destination is the Tarsier sanctuary. The tarsiers look stressed from the perks of being an animal celebrity. But they look really cute.. scary but cute. Just note that flash photography is not allowed and please don’t bug them.



After this we went to the Hanging bridge. Nothing special just a bridge that crosses a river and on the other side you will find some souvenir stores. There are some items that are cheap there such as peanut kisses (you should take home some of these) and shirts etc. We also visited Baclayon church (I think this was where Ceasar Montano got married), the python named “Prony” which by the way has a celebrated tagapagbantay, the Blood Compact site, and passed by the man made forest (nakakaaliw nung dumaan kami dito bigla kasi dumilim dahil ang taas ng trees).

Manmade forest

It was just about dinner time when we got to the resort. The name – Dumaluan Beach Resort. The room is big and I think it could fit up to 9 people in there. It has 2 queen sized beds which could accommodate at most 3 people each. Its an ordinary room but I would recommend it if you are tight on the budget. We had our dinner at the resort’s restaurant. The food was affordable but it was not amazing. But it’s good enough to fill your hungry stomach (at busog talaga).


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Philippines: What to do when it’s raining?

Posted on 15 August 2011 by Dreidel Regala

Philippines is a tropical country. It’s hot and humid most of the time which makes beaches and sun activies a popular retreat. But the country also gets the other side of the weather wheel. Rainy season in The Philippines happens between June to September (but could sometimes go until November) which is exactly the opposite to Europe’s and America’s summer time (and vacation time).

So is there anything to do during the rainy season of Philippines? Answer, absolutely! You won’t have to soak yourself up at the sofa at home or skip your vacation time until next season because there are still tons of things to do.

For a certain group of people the rainy season is their favorite. They pack their gears and boards then head to the nearest (or maybe biggest) wave they can find. Yup, the stoked surfers wish there’d be massive sea rumblings to create their ride. Beginners prefer the La Union and Zambales coasts then eventually head on to Baler, Aurora Province or the monster Siargao island.

Another great water activity that feeds on massive flow is white water rafting. You get splashed and thrown as you maneuver your way through the rapids. Visit Kalinga or Cagayan de Oro and get your adventure. And when your at it do check other possible activities in the area (like in CamSur) where you could also find a place to wakeboard, jetski etc.

Did you know that The Philippines is made up of a lot of Islands (7,107!)? And like having different tongue dialects is not enough, the food also varies! Every province has their own specialty to offer and to which a stranger must try. Go food tripping to the province of Bacolod and taste their Inasal chicken, have a hot La Paz Batchoy soup in Iloilo, eat the sweetest Mangoes from Guimaras, divulge yourself with the tastiest Lechon from Cebu, or head to the culinary capital Pampanga. Whichever it is you prefer just don’t forget to grab a balut!

There are several festivals going on around the country all throughout the year, and fortunately some do fall on the rainy months! The Pintados festival happening on June 29 in Leyte is one of the most colorful ones with participants decorating themselves with body art. Another popular one is the August Kadayawan festival of Davao. Food feast, souvenirs and a lot of performances happening so it will be everything fun. Bacolod also has its own version with the MassKara festival in October. This is a great opportunity to eat the yummy Inasal chicken while you’re watching the entertaining performances of masked dancers. And if you want to see giant “higantes” paper-made puppets head to the Higantes festival in Angono Rizal on November 23.

And finally take a plane to the northernmost tip of the archipelago – Batanes. While the rest of the country is raining, the people in Batanes consider the rainy months as their summer. See beautiful hill landscapes, stone houses and a different culture in this interesting part of The Philippines.

Well there you go. The rainy season isn’t so bad after all. Get yourself up and make your adventure count under the rain.

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