Last holiday weekend I was in Taipei. After some five years I was back in the city that first taught me how to travel solo. But instead of doing more sight seeing, I decided to eat. Home to the famous Din Tai Fung and the soup dumpling xiao long bao, Taiwan is actually a great place for eating. I’ve seen Italian, Japanese, Indian, and many other cuisines along with Taiwan’s own interesting set of street food so the options are there for visitors to try. But for a select bunch of people, Taipei’s no-meat eating options are a delight. So for a day I decided to alter my food preference and see if it works for me.

Take note that I’m in no way an expert in the technicalities surrounding veganism and vegetarianism so I’ll just stick to the idea of no meat eating.


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No meat eating in Taiwan

About Animals | Jinglong Street, Wenshan District, Taipei


Near to: Taipei Zoo, iVegan Supermarket

Use MRT Wanlong Exit 2 to get to About Animals. From there it’s about 2-3 minutes of following google maps.

Quite an interesting name for a restaurant that serves no meat but I guess it could be interpreted as they are FOR animals. I tried the tofu burger here and it was tasty. The burger was a good size that I couldn’t eat it with my hands. Priced at 180NT, it comes with a side salad and orange slices. I think most people order the burgers here but they have a lot of other choices like rice meals, sandwiches, paninis.

As a vegan/vegetarian: The options are good for no meat eating.

As a non-vegan/vegetarian: Menu doesn’t look boring at all.


Raohe Night Market | Raohe Street, Songshan District, Taipei

Near to: Wufenpu Shopping District

Raohe night market is close to Wufenpu shopping area (around 5 minutes of following google maps) which I think is one of the good places to go bulk shopping in Taipei. After spending the afternoon in the maze of shops, go straight to Raohe for street food eating. For sure it will be extra hard to not eat meat here since most of the stalls are selling something with it like seafood, escargot, pepper bun, etc but it’s possible.

I had a huge bowl of salad (brocolli, carrots, mushrooms, beans, cucumber, apple, etc) from a lady who I asked to skip the shredded chicken. It was priced at 125NT.


I also had some sweet potato balls (50NT) which are just that sweet potato balls, nothing special.

Another option is tofu. There’s a lot of tofu going on in Raohe but since I just had a tofu burger already, I didn’t want to try this here. I also saw some sliced fruits and they looked delicious. If you are a vegetarian and milk is not a problem, do try the peanut-ice cream-corriander wrap. It’s very interesting.

As a vegan/vegetarian: It can be hard to find a proper no meat meal especially if you can’t communicate well to the locals. I was close to ordering a pepper bun from that really popular stall up front.

As a non-vegan/vegetarian: It’s very tempting to try out everything here since they all look delicious.

Vegan Heaven | Xinyi District, Taipei


Near to: Taipei 101

Getting to Vegan Heaven is a bit out of ways so if you’re already in the Taipei 101 area just use google maps and start walking.

Vegan Heaven is a takeaway dessert place close to Taipei 101. If you didn’t know yet a dessert is vegan if it does not use milk and eggs. It was day end when I got here which I think is why there wasn’t a lot of choices on display but that was okay cause I just wanted to try the lemon youghurt smoothie and some macarons. The macarons were nice but the smoothie I really liked. To be honest I wouldn’t know the difference if what I had was vegan or not so that’s a good thing I think.

As a vegan/vegetarian: It’s really cool to find a dessert place dedicated to veganism but the choices are not that many and it’s not meant for hanging out save for the three people who can take the window seats.

As a non-vegan/vegetarian: While the lack of eggs and milk in the ingredients won’t diminish the taste of the dessert, I probably won’t go here just to get my sweet simply because I can get something similar elsewhere.


Miss Green | Da’an District, Taipei


Near to: Tonghua Night Market

I went to Miss Green even after my no meat day since I’m still not sure if I’m in the mood for Addiction Aquatic Development’s seafood galore. Again this place is out ways but since I have a lot of time to kill, I gave it a go.

I had the avocado wrap which was served with chips and iced tea. The wrap has a potential but thought it was a bit dry for me. On the occassional moments I got to taste the dressing, I really like it. On the menu they also have pasta, risotto, and burgers.

Paid around 250-300NT.

As a vegan/vegetarian: They’re a bit on the pricier end but menu looks good.

As a non-vegan/vegetarian: Since I was a little bored with my wrap, maybe I’ll try the pasta or risotto next time.



When I was in Shifen, I found these. Packs of dried fruits and vegetables. There were dried string beans and crispy okra! I only know one other person who likes okra besides me, my aunt who introduced me to Trader Joe’s crispy okra. Now I know they have it in Taiwan.



I only had a little more than a day to try out eating no meat but overall I like it. It doesn’t make me feel guilty about what I just ate and I feel incredibly lighter.