Week 2

Beijing to Ulaanbaatar

She stuck her head in my cabin’s doorway then pulled out without saying anything. She did this a couple of times that I knew she wants to say something. I want to talk to her too but I don’t know what language she speaks so I just smile to her everytime.

And then she finally sits beside me. It got akward for a while cause we don’t know how to start this friendship. So I did what gets everyone going – I take us a selfie and the rest was history.

“Do you speak Chinese?”

Ha! She speaks English after all.

“No, English. You?”


She mumbles something in Chinese but she saw the question mark in my face so she ran back to her cabin. I thought I blew my chances of hanging out with the coolest kid on board but then she came back.

“Do you speak Mongolian?”

“No. You?”


This kid is only eight so I can only be stunned to know she speaks three languages! No wait, that’s wrong cause I just remember that she also speaks Russian. A real transsiberian girl ha. So I made her my cute little teacher of all sorts Chinese, Mongolian, and Russian for the next 30 hours in exchange for some English and Tagalog. Of course when I got off the train I was shooting “San banu” and “Bayarla” to every soul in sight.

With our friend Pauline


The Trans Mongolian K23 travels from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar for approximately 30 hours. This train ends in Ulaanbaatar and does not continue on to Moscow.



It is manned by a Chinese crew so communicating in English may not be easy.

The inside were classier than I expected. And there is power outlet inside the cabin.


For food, I packed some cup noodles but there is also a small grocery in the Chinese border “Erlian”.

The border crossing took a long time, around three hours I think, especially on the Chinese side because the wheels had to be changed too. I missed seeing the action though when I got off the train.

If I had the chance I will definitely do it again because I know Mongolia is on the other end.


For information about tickets, pricing, timing, etc you may check CITS or Seat61.

I bought my soft sleeper class ticket from CITS for US$255. Once they confirmed the payment they gave me a voucher. The voucher was used to pickup the ticket in Beijing.