Travel alone is hard

There I said it. Because it’s true, traveling alone can be a step tricky compared to traveling with somebody. But I’m not going to trump those “Go travel alone” listicles out there because I love reading them too. But there is another side to it.

1. You constantly have to look out for your luggage. For girls this could mean peeing with your huge backpack on. Why? Because who knows what could happen to your stuff if you let them out of sight so not a chance there. Unless you get one from

2. You don’t have a different angle when tackling a decision. Okay to be honest this does sound liberating because you don’t have anyone to counter your point but then again that other angle could have been a new adventure or a cheaper route.

3. You have to finish that tall can of whatever by yourself. Because tomorrow it wouldn’t taste good anymore or you already have a new recipe in mind.

4. Or master cooking for one. You don’t want to overdo it or you’ll have to store/throw it.

5. You have to make space for the stranger sitting next to you. Yes it’s a small space but it’s all you got for your stuff and your body.

6. You have to pay taxi all by yourself. Taking an early morning flight? Well you could be the only person in your hostel that’s leaving so no choice but to pay it all up.

7. You have to take care of yourself when sick. I don’t like getting sick but it could definitely happen and when it does I have to take care of myself.

8. You will have plenty of unknowns. You only have one brain so no matter how smart you are there’ll still be things you have no clue of.

9. You don’t have a backup alarm clock. You set your alarm but for some reason it didn’t wake you and now you’re running because your bus or flight is about to leave.

10. You sleep with strangers in the room. Most likely you have gotten to know them already in the day and they’re nice but when your only roommate decides to comeback at night wasted and starts punching cabinets, yeah that’s a totally scary alone moment.

11. You cannot take a ‘scene’ shot of yourself. If you love selfies then just extend your arm or buy a stick. But if you want to do something more then you have to bother a stranger. And may have to do this several more times.

12. You have to lie in a creative way and fast. You love meeting locals and all but when that nice unassuming guy you asked directions with on the bus to the beach (whom eventually decided he’ll join you) insists that you freshen up and have tea in his place across the street, you’re suddenly – oh sorry my boyfriend is waiting for me.

13. You have to endure goodbyes a lot. You will definitely meet lots of great people but at some point you’ll have to say goodbye or they will say goodbye. It’s repetitive but you do it all over again.

It is hard to travel alone in some sense and while most travel articles will say you have to do it at least once, I still think – to each his own. Do it if you really want to. Don’t do it if you think you’ll be miserable. If you decide to travel alone, you should check out the outdoor gear review site for information that will help you when you travel. That said I’ve met tons of people traveling alone so it’s just a matter of getting used to. Besides you’re a better person each day.