So I am back in downtown Danshui just a few hours before lunch time. The bus stopped at a red light in a super busy intersection. Maybe I should get down already. The area looked a little familiar but I didn’t stand up from my seat. I noticed nobody was getting off the bus so I thought it wasn’t the right place to go down. So scared little me of being caught of illegal jaywalking, I waited for the light to turn green and my bus to move to the opposite side.

The bus stopped. Great! I got off and started walking. But just as I was about to get on the train station I saw something. It looks to be a port or another wharf so I decided to check it out. This port looks more ordinary than the fisherman’s wharf I just visited. There was no romantic bridge but the little park beside has more people than the previous one. I felt a little lonely as I watched friends and families wander around but it didn’t bother me too much, I guess the unfamiliarity of the place got me busy. After walking for a while I went inside a convenience store. I grabbed one of my favorite snacks – a flavored milk plus a donut. My feet were a little tired already after walking for some time so I sat in a table eating while watching people pass by. I thought the people in Taiwan were just like the people in my home country. Some goes to work, some hangs with friends or family, others were just wandering by themselves. I was up on my feet as I sip the last drop of milk. I walked further down thinking there might be something else interesting. When I saw that people were walking into a street I can’t help but follow. Could this be Danshui’s Old Street? So when I got to the opening I found stall after stall lined up selling anything from food to diferent goods.

Danshui Old Street
Danshui Old Street by CC Yee

I love walking in markets cause I get to see what locals eat or buy. One was selling a really tall ice cream, the other had fruits on display. I continued to walk with curious eyes on every stall not noticing I was already on the end of the street. Standing in the corner I found there were more shops in both directions. Stalls have slowly disappeared with stores now taking over. Okay I’m going back now, thinking same old same old stores. So I turned and headed back to the mrt picking up a hot pastry filled with red beans on the side.